Beaconhouse National University 大学院卒業(パキスタン)

I was born in Tokyo, Japan but moved to live in Pakistan at the age of 6. I’m half-Japanese and half-Pakistani.
I lived in Pakistan for almost 20 years before moving back to Japan.
I like going to museums, watching anime, reading books, and learning about various new things.
I’m trilingual; I can speak Japanese, English, and Urdu.
I was a university teacher before moving back to Japan, so teaching has always been my choice of career.
I have a Master’s degree in Clinical and Counseling Psychology.
Also, I have been a teacher at Smile Club since 2013.
As I have had first-hand experience learning two new languages during my early childhood,
I understand the difficulties and challenges it entails.
Once you acquire the skill, it opens up so many various opportunities and is a strength in gaining new experiences.