フィリピン大学 Studio Art専攻

I’m John Rodriguez, known affectionately as ジョン〜ジョン by my students. Originally hailing from Cebu City, Philippines.
I hold a studio art degree from the University of the Philippines and began my career as a fashion designer, specializing in ladies’ accessories.
In my free time, I pursue photography.
Upon moving to Japan, I embraced a new chapter as an English teacher.
I’ve been teaching at Smile Club since 2016, not only in English but also conducting art classes.
With a passion for fostering young minds, I aim to impart knowledge about both art and English,
making the learning process enjoyable for my students.
Teaching children has been demanding, yet the satisfaction of helping them learn has made it all worthwhile.
I believe English education can be fun and rewarding, and I’m committed to contributing positively to my students’ growth.